Sunday, March 15, 2009

What is going on?

This is what we awoke to Sunday morning....the flakes were the size of tennis balls. Beautiful hope it doesn't last. At least it isn't sticking on the roads.

Time Out for Women!

This is a wonderful mini conference put on by Deseret Book. It was a Friday evening and then most of Saturday. Myself, Lydia, Shari, Bekah Green, and Julie Metge all went together. It was great. We all put in together for lunch and has the best food ever. The best company, and the most fun. If you haven't been to one you really should try it sometime. Sorry no pictures.

Home IS where the Heart is!

My niece Gretchen got the bug to make her apartment more homie. This is a real transformation. It is so her. Love the colors and set up. She did everything from 2nd had shops. Really didn't pay over 10 dollars for any one item.