Friday, July 25, 2008

Debi's Summer Activities

So I'm neck deep in Young Women's Camp!!!!!! And some home projects also. Our camp theme is Discover His Treasures. Kind of along the Indiana Jones motif. So my job is watching out for the junior youth camp leaders. So I wanted to make them something so as you see I made them pillowcases. They became a little more detailed than I had hoped. Tried to get by with less fabric thus a larger project than I wanted but I do think they are cute!

Then our bedroom....wallpaper border off, and soon a new color and white woodwork. But you will have to wait unless someone whats to come help me.

Judd's Summer Activities

Judd working on canoe for Super activity with scouts. He will be out on a lake for a week with the boys. A bishops dream. And they the boys like his idea, so he is in 7th heaven. A man, a canoe, and a garage. What more could you ask for.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

ok here we go!!

Since all our children are blogging we decided to blog. And also so we can comment on each of there blogs. We shall see how well we do. All you kids are doing so great and are so creative.