Friday, April 18, 2014

The Chicken Taj.

Well not sure what it says about us, but we have a Chicken Habitat in our front yard. Hey, It's Easter this week anyway. My plan is to move it to the garden/goat yard this weekend. Still need to do a few things inside, like feed and water stations and an outside security fence. 

Chief architects and builders: Judd & Kipp , (we had a single pencil and scratch paper between us.)
Construction: old 1" Cedar fence  reclaimed
Stained Glass Window: Kipp's  ( my window, heat gun and, crayola's. --His Talent)
Whole Window wall is removable.
Inside decorations and paintings of  Colonal Sanders, by Debi's Rabbit. (wants egg production)
Copula's and small windows, built from scratch..
Wooden vents were  old shutters taken off our house when we painted
Copula's roof is Copper Foil.

The feeders are great and cost about $4. 4" PVC Tee, cut out, plugged up and a 2 liter bottle in the top . Most of the idea was plagiarized from "Dine-a-Chook" from Australia.

The waterer's are chicken nipples . Clean and saves on waste and cleanness.

They can move in as soon as all the feathers are on them.

Sallie_Speckled Sussex
Rosy_ Rhode Island Red
Lulu--the Cuckoo Maran
Henrietta_ Sicilian Buttercup

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